In summer 2018 we decided to challenge our limits, and cycled along amazing Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, the most recognized and important off-pavement cycling route in the world.

We crisscrossed the Continental Divide from north to south starting in Banff, Alberta, Canada and finishing at the US/Mexico border in Antelope Wells, New Mexico. We can certailnly define the with the word “remote”, and its remoteness equates with spectacular terrain and scenery. The entire route is basically dirt-road and mountain-pass riding every day, approximately 2,500 miles long with over 200,000 feet of elevation gain and loss. Colorado’s Indiana Pass, at 11,910 feet is the highest point we reached on the route.

We faced the adventure in total autonomy, without any assistance or support car. We spent overnights mainly camping into the wilderness.

Ramona Lonzola and Simona Pezzano, two good friends and videomakers, travelled with us… Of course they cycled as well!

Our goal was to tell, through our blog, the stories of the great female explorers and adventurers of the past. We grew up believing that the great explorers were just men, that women should be home to take care of their children and deal with domestic work. But it’s not like this: in 1.700 Jeanne Barré circumnavigated the globe disguised as a man, in 1.800 Annie Londonderry was traveling the world by bike and Amelia Earhart by plane. Adventure is a matter of women!

Now you can find the documentary “Cicliste per caso – Grizzly Tour” on Amazon Prime for Italy, and Netflix for the rest of Europe.