1.470km from Milan to London to discover the great European cycle routs and the women who changed the world, to bring a message of courage to the Emmeline Pankhurst Memorial.

We didn’t take the shortest route, but followed as much as possible the itineraries of Eurovelo. We started from the newly born street Via Alfonsina Strada in Milan – inaugurated right at our departure – and then crossed the San Gottardo Pass riding on the wonderful ancient Tremola road: a cobblestone serpentine with 24 hairpin bends, considered the Paris-Roubaix of the Alps. Then Route No. 3 of the Swiss National Cycling Network from Chiasso to Basel, Eurovelo 15 Rhine Cycle Route from Basel to Strasbourg, Paneuropa Radweg From Strasbourg to Paris and Avenue Verte from Paris to London.

It was not only an adventure on two wheels, but a journey along the footsteps of the great European women who changed the world: we visited places, collected stories, got inspired. Pioneers, strong women who, with their courage, changed forever the history of women: starting from the cyclist Alfonsina Strada to fashion designer Coco Chanel, who changed the idea of femininity; the german heroin Sophie Sholl, Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the British suffragette movement, and many others.

During the journey we collected on our Brave Women Notebook the messages of courage of today’s women and men, that we brought to the Emmeline Pankhurst Memorial, in Westminster, our arrival destination. We left it there, to inspire all the people who visit that place every day. Watch the documentary of this journey here below or on our youtube channel Ciciste per caso, where you can find many more videos.