Sardinia is a region that amazes for its natural contrasts. A country of ancient traditions, surrounded by wild nature. Often we only think of its emerald sea, of its coves with white sand, but Sardinia is much more. This mainly mountainous island has a unique natural environment, both harsh and very sweet. In certain areas, men is almost a rare presence.

Riding from Olbia to Cagliari (about 740km, 7.500d +), we discovered an ancient and timeless Sardinia in Barbagia, the graffiti tradition of Orgosolo, the tenor songs of Bosa. And again, the charming village of Santu Lussurgiu, the wild beaches of the Sinis Peninsula, the dunes of Piscinas, the abandoned mines of Sulcis-Iglesiente, the colorful houses of Sant’Antioco. We swam in the most crystalline waters and cycled on roads with breathtaking views, we traveled through time visiting places and monuments from a mysterious past, made a journey into the journey tasting delicious flavors. And so, we fell madly in love with this island, which is perfect to be discovered by bike. Watch the video of our journey here below, and check out the GPX trak here.